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O iNNi GardeN
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O Inni GardeN

The Venue

The garden is situated near one of the oldest settlement in Ibiza, Balafia; directly linked to our Mother home and hotel, Can Quince.

It is a 90m2 round platform overviewing the east valley, seeing the sunrise and full moon , shaped in between the trees and stone walls.

In the upper terrace there is the kitchenette with all the essentials for light breakfasts and smoothie station, tables and the pond with frogs and fish.

We have a fire pit with benches around for the wintery vibes evenings.

Dry toilets with a composting system by PermaPreta, with a clean porcelain WC and running water.

There is a spacious natural terrace down below with extra space for chilling or

other creative areas.

Read down below more details about capacity, facilities use, parking and timings.

O iNNi GardeN.png

The platform can fit 25-30 yoga mats

If the activities are in sitting down or standing up/ moving; the platform can host up to 35/40 people


The garden can host up to 50 guests in total plus crew or team.

Facilities Use & Extras


  • No Shoes Policy

  • Electricity and lights are at the back corner

  • Heaters available upon request at extra cost for gas

  • Wi-Fi available upon request

  • Sound System available upon request at extra cost (mixer, PA system) See sound policy

  • Extra Equipment available upon request at extra cost (Microphones, Blackboard...

​Kitchen use:

  • Free to use glasses and kettle for water and tea

  • Clean and put back everything as it was

  • For other use, such as smoothie making/ heating up food or cacao, we charge an extra for set up


Fire Pit:


  • To use upon request

  • No fire allowed from 1st of May to 1st of October


  • Important to use sitting down for men or women

  • Paper can go in the toilets.

  • Important not to throw other items such as baby wipes, tampones...

  • Clean hands after to clean the urine separator

  • Making sure the lid is close finishing the session is essential

Schedule & Timings

Weekdays are set up for Regular Classes/ Workshops

Weekends for full mornings/afternoon/day event

Winter schedule mid October - mid March 8:30 till 19:30


Summer schedule mid March - mid October 7:30 till 21:00


If the event has less than 20 Guests:

The parking is directly at the back of Can Quince.


(Note: this is not the Google pin from Can Quince, as this takes to the private hotel guests!)

If it is the first time you come, follow the parking message below.

Parking Message

Park at this address (you will see a parking sign 🔵 )


39 ° 02'00.3 "N 1 ° 29'02.2" E

Once parked, keep walking until you see on the left a white arrow < ☉


Continue the arrows, past Can Quince, a little path to the left will take you through a green passageway entering the magic



If the event has more than 20 Guests:

We ask to guests to park at a nearby meeting point (church of San Lorenzo) and do car- pooling from there in full cars.

Parking Message

Meeting point

📍 Church of San Lorenzo

Come to the space in full cars (4/5 people) to the address we sent you on the day of the event. We ask you punctuality so that this beautiful event flows and the event venue cary on doing so!

Sound Policy

We have nearby neighbours so sound has to be at reasonable level rounding the 60db


No party level (over 75db) or continuous sound for more than 3h

There can be live music but amplified drums or loud electronic music is not encouraged

For more information, booking and requests contact us
O iNNi GardeN
O Inni GardeN



Sant Llorenç de Balàfia

Click here for Parking Info

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