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O Inni GardeN
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A Space in Nature
Designed to Inspire, Innovate & Integrate
Bridging Creativity & Well-being
Fostering human connection
O Inni GardeN


Everything was rebuilt between a couple of friends getting together in this beautiful place, to restore what once already was, a playground and sanctuary in nature - a space built with the intention to foster human connection with nature through the creative arts.


🜃 Earth 🜃 

🜂 Fire 🜂

🜁 Air 🜁 

🜄 Water 🜄 


We are now open, for all of us to gather in nature,

to create beautiful experiences, respecting and enjoying.

Being able to inspire, integrate and innovate the way we already live and relate with each other.





Many of you asked us…

What on earth does it mean..


firstly was an 𝗶𝗻tuition; 

It comes from the idea and representation of the mirror we are for the world we live in,

in it is all a reflection of

our own self. 

Inner ☼ Inspiration ☼ Integration ☼

To be in with ·  “on friendly terms with”...

The ☉ is the circle, the cell, the sun.  

We believe gathering in circle is essential to build community.
To listen, to share, to laugh

to create  as a one body.

About Us
O Inni GardeN



We provide a series of Regular Classes & Workshops from Monday to Friday.


>> Check our Regular Schedule below and join our Community on Telegram to be updated.

Optional: enjoy our exchange programme;

attending a class for help in the garden.

O iNNi GardeN

On weekends, special workshops

are held, such as: day retreats, artistic mornings and creative afternoons. 

>> Check our special events and become part of our Telegram Community to be informed about upcoming special events.

O iNNi GardeN

Let's create magic together!

We believe by sharing our creativity from a safe space creates deeper human connexion.


>> To host your own workshop or event; please check our guidelines before contacting us.

Logo O iNNi GardeN.png
Regular Schedule
O iNNi GardeN
O Inni GardeN



Tel.: +34 633 57 96 63

Sant Llorenç de Balàfia

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